Welcome To Puddin's Pet Services

hello! i am faith and i am the owner of Puddin’s Pet Services.

puddin's pet services is a reliable, friendly and trustworthy company who provide a wide range of services to suit everyone’s requirements. i am based in Chatham, Kent, and cover all of Medway and Maidstone.

i provide a unique tailor made service to suit both you and your fur baby.

The care of your pet is my number one priority, and i will always treat your furry besties with the same love and care that i give to my own!

Love Faith x

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I have lots of exciting things planned for Puddin’s Pet Services and I hope to meet lots of lovely people and their fur babies along the way. I want to say a huge thank you to the people who have already booked services with me, and who have supported me in my journey so far.

Your support really does mean the world to me and I couldn’t be more grateful for that.

About Us.

Hello! I am Faith, and I am the owner of Puddin's Pet Services. I am 30 years old and live in a cute little house in Chatham with my partner and three furry babies, and I am basically obsessed with dogs!

I decided to set up Puddin’s Pet Services at the end of 2022, after a bit of a rough year. I have struggled with my mental health all of my life but last year I had really found myself stuck in a rut, not really knowing what I was doing with my life, but one thing that I knew I always got so much happiness from was animals. Last year I finally got my diagnosis of ADHD and started the process of getting the correct help. Since this my outlook on life has completely changed, I finally feel I have the confidence to achieve something. I also lost two close family members last year which had a huge impact on me. Both of theses things made me realised that life really is too short, and why shouldn’t I do what genuinely makes me happy. So after years of talking myself out of it and giving myself all the excuses under the sun, I finally took the plunge and decided to pursue my dream career.

and the Puddin's

Growing up I have always had dogs as family pets and my mum even used to run her own dog boarding business back in the 90's. I used to help my mum look after the dogs that would stay with us, and I believe this is where my love and passion began.

I now have three dogs of my own, who are my absolute world. Ralph is a Pug and was my first baby. I decided to get Ralph when I was struggling with my mental health. Ralph instantly made me feel so much happier and gave me a purpose every day. Shortly after getting Ralph we got Lola, who is also a Pug. The idea was to have Lola as a companion for Ralph however, Lola had other ideas! Ralph is a sweet and loving boy, where as Lola is a live wire and an absolute wind up. Lola spends the majority of her time terrorising Ralph. It safe to say Ralph was not best pleased with our choice of companion! After months of convincing I finally managed to bring my partner round to the idea of getting another dog. Yes, three dogs! Crazy idea, I know, but getting Minnie, our French Bulldog, was the best decision we ever made. Minnie is the sweetest little girl and is just the right mixture of both sweet and crazy for Ralph and Lola.

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from £10

please contact for a free quote

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Solo walkies

30 minutes

60 minutes

90 minutes




small animal care


Prices on all services are based one dog. Additional charge applied for more than one dog.

An additional travel charge will be applied for services outside of a five mile radius.

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day sitting

per hour

from £15

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drop in visits

60 minutes

120 minutes




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puppy visits - hourly

once a day

twice a day

three times a day





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for a limited time only

Canine Ultrasound.

Vet Image solutions (vis) level 1 trained in canine ultrasonography.

we recommend the first scan to be performed 35 days from the last date of conception or a.i.

scans can be performed prior to this date however, we do not recommend this as there is a higher chance that the puppies may be absorbed and therefore we will be unable to officially confirm pregnancy.

available at short notice, I provide a mobile scanning service to cover the whole of Kent however, travel charges may be applied dependant on location.

currently offering scans at a discounted rate while newly qualified.

contact today for more information.

The Important Stuff.

when trusting someone with your beloved pet, it is important that they have the appropriate insurance and training.

Paw print trail of dog or cat
Paw print trail of dog or cat

Puddin's pet services is covered by Pet Business insurance for pet minding, dog walking, and pet sitting, with up to £1,000,000 of pubic liability cover.

Paw print trail of dog or cat
Paw print trail of dog or cat
Paw print trail of dog or cat
Paw print trail of dog or cat

Canine first aid, Level 2 (VTQ)

Competed on the 12/04/2023 valid for 3 years.

Training with S and t first aid training.

Paw print trail of dog or cat
Paw print trail of dog or cat

canine ultrasonography level 1. completed on the 17th march 2023

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Terms & Conditions.

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A booking shall be made by completing a Booking Form and not accepted until the booking form has been completed by the client and returned to the Service Provider, until all the necessary forms have been completed and payment has been arranged the service will not commence,

For new Clients, an in-home consultation (meet and greet) will be required prior to planned service.

Bookings may be accepted up to 24 hours before service begins however payment in full will be required upfront.

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Duty Of Care.

A change in a pet’s routine and circumstances can cause varying degrees of distress and unpredictable or abnormal behaviour, particularly if their owner is on holiday, pets have no concept or ability to understand that their owner’s absence is temporary and they will be coming back. Our Service Provider’s understand this and will offer comfort and reassurance whilst trying, as far as is practically possible to maintain their normal daily routines.

In the event of extreme weather which may have an adverse effect on the Client’s pet e.g. heat or thunder storms, the Service Provider shall in their sole discretion take whatever action they consider necessary, including not carrying out scheduled exercise until it is, in their opinion, safe to do so.

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The Service Provider will properly dispose of the Client’s pet(s) waste, however the Client shall ensure there is an appropriate supply of bags for that purpose, and indicate their preferred method/location of disposal.

The Client shall provide sufficient food, cat litter and any treats for their pet(s) for the duration of the Service.

The Client shall provide secure collars with name/address tags and leads.

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House Cleanliness.

The Service Provider shall clean up after the Client’s pets to the best of their ability

The Client shall make available cleaning materials in the event of any ‘mistakes’ within their property.

The Client shall show the Service Provider the location of appropriate cleaning materials, including but not limited to plastic bags, disposable gloves, towels, disinfectant, paper towels and bin bags.

The Service Provider cannot be held liable or responsible for any stains, marks or damages caused by the fouling or attempts to clean it.

The Service provider may charge for cleaning where the time or number of occurrences exceeds what would be considered to be acceptable.

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Damage To Property Or Possessions.

Any damage to the property or possessions of the Client in their absence, however caused by the pet shall be recorded by the Service Provider and where considered by the Service Provider to be serious enough to inform the Client, they will do so at the earliest opportunity by whatever means is available. Any costs, including administration and man-power in providing such notice may be recoverable from the Client.

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It shall be the sole responsibility to ensure the Service Provider is fully aware of any health issues the pet is experiencing or has suffered in the past. The Service Provider cannot be held liable for any actions or omissions which result in problems or complications for anything not disclosed.

No booking can be accepted without the client proving full veterinary information.

The Service Provider shall follow instruction given on the Booking Form but cannot be held liable for any complications which may arise.

In the event of a pet having a contagious illness or disease which has not been disclosed, the Client may be liable for the costs of treatment given to other animals which become infected.

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Sick Or Injured Pets.

If the pet is taken sick or injured the Service Provider will notify the Client at the earliest convenience using whatever method is available to take instructions or guidance. In the event of the Service Provider not being able to contact the Client, or in an emergency situation, the Service Provider shall, if in its own opinion the pet needs veterinary attention/treatment/opinion the Service Provider shall make arrangements as necessary, in the best interest of the pet. Any veterinary bills shall be directly chargeable to the Client.

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Where it is necessary for the Service Provider to hold keys to a property, the Client shall provide one of each key needed. Keys will be coded and kept within a locked system for security.

Keys will be returned upon completion of this Agreement providing all fees due have been paid.

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It shall be the Client’s sole responsibility to ensure the information provided to the Service Provider is current and up to date, the Client agrees to accept any decision made by the Service Provider in the event of the Service Provider not being able to contact the Client as a result of wrong information held.

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The level of insurance cover required for providing the services shall be set out in the Booking Form.

The Client is advised to check to see if its insurance provider need informing that someone will have access to the Client’s property whilst they are away.

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Third Parties.

The Client shall advise the Service Provider of anyone who will have access to their property during any periods of the Client’s absence, including but not limited to cleaning services, maintenance personnel, friends, family and neighbours.

The Service Provider shall not be liable for other persons or their actions or omissions who will be in, or have access to the Client’s property before, during or after services have been rendered.

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Service Provider's Companion.

The Service Provider may have a spouse, family member or friend accompany them whilst providing the scheduled services. No costs will be applied to the Client’s account for any assistance the companion provides.

The Client will be advised in advance where a Service Provider wishes to take a companion, all companions will be subjected to whatever checks the Service Provider considers necessary or appropriate.

dog resting
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Dogs will only be walked on leads unless when hiring a secure, private field The policies and the Service Agreement will always prevail.

The client agrees to consent for photos of their pet(s) to be taken, which may be used on the service providers social media accounts.

The service provider will ensure that no personal information relating to the client, friends, or family, is visible in any photos used on social media platforms.

Customer Reviews.

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Contact Us.

are you interested in using our services?

if you have any questions, or would just like more information on our services, please feel free to contact us any time via email, phone, Instagram or via our Facebook page.

we look forward to hearing from you.

Love Faith, Ralph, Lola & Minnie.

Puddin;s Pet Services x

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Puddin's Pet services

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